The Frail Gains Strength With MTV Debut

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As much as I hate to say MTV still has an impact on real music, it would seem that is the case, based on the effect the musical media giant has had on west coast band, The Frail. The band’s new music video, You Just Wanna Leave, made an appearance on MTV’s Buzzworthy and soon after made the move from the sub-site to Music Television’s main website. (Music Television…MTV..keep up, kids).

“It went from the buzzworthy page to us being featured on the main MTV page,” explains vocalist, Daniel Lannon. “Our music video got 40,000 views in a day and half and we got hit up by some labels. It’s only been a week and a half.”

Multiple record offers in a mere week and a half is no small feat for a musician in the artistic world we live in. Lannon admits that attention from MTV has been quite an experience.

“We’ve had some cool features but more on a local level. Nothing quite as big as MTV by any means.”

The San Francisco-based band may have gained momentum with the help of the well-known music channel, but they’ve been around for a bit and have even spent some recording time in our fair city. Aside from performing at Galapagos Art Space and doing a show with the much-loved Ninjasonik, the guys were here last year finishing up their debut LP. In fact, Lennon maintains they were taking steps to figure out exactly how to release the LP when MTV got wind of their talent and grabbed it up.

Since their video debut, The Frail hasn’t just had contact with record companies. They’ve also been invited to join several tours, which is an opportunity they hope to capitalize on soon.

“We’re waiting but also working actively to find the right tour,” Lannon explains. “A few that were brought up were a little out of genre. They would have been fun, but they wouldn’t have had the greatest impact.”

It would seem as though things are all falling into place for Lannon and his boys, and he wastes no time confirming it.

“I’ve been playing in bands since I was really young, and I used to say the only thing I really wanted to do was hop on a record label. When I started this band with Kevin, it happened without even playing a stroke. Next thing was, ‘Oh I wanna headline the Great American Music Hall,’ which we did last weekend. It’s all been pretty amazing. I feel pretty lucky. I’ve picked out my goals and they happened, so whatever comes my way.”

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I’m personally not a huge fan of MTV, but these guys have a formula that I can get behind. Count on seeing me in line for their next New York show. I’ll be the fabulous music editor. In the meantime, though trusting my judgement is a no-brainer, check out their music video here: Until they drop their LP, LoveDeathLegends, this should tide you over. On repeat.

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