Mighty Mystic Keeps Reggae Alive

Photo credit to thirstymoosetaphouse.com

Photo credit to thirstymoosetaphouse.com

Jamaican born, Mystic, and his group of fellow musicians, The Strings of Thunder Band, may have released their most recent single, “Concrete World,” a few months ago, but with scorching heat like this year’s, the band’s rock and reggae mashup couldn’t be more perfect for the summer season.

With influences like Bob Marley as well as Aerosmith, The Thunder Band’s expert combination of smooth, mellow reggae beats and slightly harder rock inlays meshes perfectly with Mighty Mystic’s socio-relevant lyrics to create a sound well worthy of any relaxing day at the beach or elsewhere. Listening to their “Revolution” makes me want to pop open a six pack and forget about my job.

“We’re roots reggae,” Mystic says. “There’s such a resurgence of roots music right now. We’re roots, but we have a hard edge. So I guess you could call us hard roots. We’re like Bob Marley meets Buju Banton. Like a Damien Marley vibe.”

Whatever you could call it, Mighty Mystic has isolated a sound that’s impossible not to enjoy. Luckily, Mystic was willing to take some time out of his week and talk to me about what it’s like working with such a down-to-earth band. Mystic has been “jamming” with his brother and a few school friends since as far back as 1999, so when the guys decided to get more serious with their music around 2005, he maintains it was an easy transition.

Photo credit to mightymystic.com

Photo credit to mightymystic.com

“One of the guitarists is my brother. The other guys I went to school with,” Mystic explains. “We’ve always jammed, but when we started to really form the band element it was a simple connection. Me and my brother have made music together our entire lives.”

Since then, Mighty Mystic and his colleagues have progressed from friends making music together to a successful band with tours, singles and the upcoming release of a new album, Concrete World. The “Concrete World” single was even featured on the MTV International MTV IGGY. The guys are mid-tour not far from us to promote the release of the new album, with their next show coming up August 7 in Vineyard Haven, MA.

Regardless of whether you can make the trip, check out the Wake Up the World album on iTunes and get a taste of Mighty Mystic’s mighty sound. It’s nothing less than worth it.

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