Norway, Send Us Some Music

New York City draws the best talent from all over the world, luring them here with its bright lights, tall buildings and flourishing art world. Then it spits its harsh truth in their faces and sets about separating those who have it from those who don’t. Annie Woodward doesn’t seem too worried.

Woodward doesn’t have a story from long ago about how she got into music, mostly because she’s only been a musician for three months, but she will soon have a story about a move across the globe to find a nurturing environment for her newfound creative outlet.

Born and raised in Norway, Woodward’s first residence in New York was as a student at Long Island University last year, where she was trained in acting. After following this path for nine years, Woodward has found that her passion now lies in a different form of art, music, and is determined to follow this inspiration until the end.

“I’ve been acting for nine years,” she explains, “but I just feel like my passion is towards music right now. I don’t know why, but it’s changing. Right now, I know I want to pursue music.”

After attending her first New York open mic at the East Village Bare Burger, Woodward has decided that our city is just the place for such a journey. Though she is also considering a move to Los Angeles, discussing New York’s music scene with me at the Union Square Whole Foods seemed to be changing her mind as we spoke.

“I’m so surprised by the music industry here,” she admits. “People are so supportive. I’ve never met a group of artists so supportive.”

That support will be a key deciding factor for Woodward, as she is well aware that she will be a struggling artist for some time following her move. Rather than let that fact scare her from a life-changing decision, she clearly chooses to embrace the opportunity to harness creative inspiration that she has not yet been privy to.

“I think I wanna be a small fish in a big sea,” she explains. “Norway is a little too small and stable. The art scene in Norway is so stable and confortable and there is no struggle because we get so much funding from the governement. I feel like the struggle—that’s what brings out the real art. ”

New York City is ready for more real art, and we welcome Woodward and her Knife-like voice with open arms. Well, kinda. We have to give her a little resistance too. It’s the NYC way and just the way she wants it.

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