When listening to Miko & The Musket from their website I was excited to hear a folky-Americana band at their live show. I was in for a surprise once they got on stage at Rockwood Music Hall. This band has come quite a ways from their first EP The Georgia Sessions. Playing in front of me was a large, funky bunch rather than a folk group. When trying to pinpoint what kind of music was flowing into my ears I couldn’t come up with a single description. Miko & The Musket were bringing together various genres ultimately resulting in their own sound.

Photo Credit: Lisa Brown

“We all come from various musical backgrounds and we all try to embrace that and make one cohesive unit as a band.” Miko de Leon says of the band “Pretty much all these songs are essentially manifestations of that notion.”

The band itself consists of seven members including de Leon (vocals), Brandon Ellis (cello), Lannon Killea (vocals), Chris Kinlow (drums), Peter Longofono (bass), Molly McAdoo (vocals), and Mike Steinmetz (guitar).

Miko & The Musket’s new EP demonstrates how the band has been able to mature and find a genre that can encompass all of the things they want to express in their music.

“We had to find a sense of consistency,” de Leon claims “We’re technically an indie-pop band.”

Photo Credit: Band Facebookde Leon describes the band as originally just super excited to be playing together and making music but says they soon came to realize they needed a defining sound of their own. He maintains that the new EP will truly display the variety, yet consistent sound that Miko & The Musket has been able to create.

However, after seeing them live, I think they still have a bit of work to do in order to produce a more cohesive sound. The songs still have a bit of disconnect from each other which I think definitely comes from the expansive backgrounds of the band members and attempting to incorporate all of it into one. This may be a tough feat to conquer but I am truly confident that they will accomplish that with more practice and touring.

The band also plans to do a Southern tour along with the EP release in September.

“We’re just very eager to play as much as we can first and foremost” says de Leon, “and secondly, play in places that we don’t usually get to play at.”

If you’re interested, you can catch Miko & The Musket next week at Brooklyn Bowl. Also keep a lookout for the new EP and tour!

WHEN: July 31st 9 PM

WHERE: Brooklyn Bowl

MORE INFO: MikoandTheMusket.com

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