Brooklyn Brewery: Taste the Fizz

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Let’s garden – and when I say this it doesn’t mean to put on gloves, a pretty straw hat, apron, and meet outside to plant flowers and such. Though that does sound quite fun for others and it is somewhat relaxing (I’ve heard), I’m talking about the endless steel Beer Garden of the Brooklyn Brewery.

That’s right we are back past the 212 area code and smack in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It feels similar to what they say in the Godfather 111(1990) “ Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in,” highlighted by Michael Corleone- because it’s true. Mentally, I’m in an open relationship with NYC – but Brooklyn is the secret lover and both cities are cool with it.

I digress.

Step into the Brewery without any expectations and step out with potential new Bff’s and a great knowledge of Beer. At first, the initial reaction is “well beer is not a first choice for an adult beverage but don’t mind accommodating my besties for a tour.”

After a great tour, a few pictures, the only words uttered as we leave are “I love beer -as we find a good place to sit, eat, and recap our experience. The place is huge and though it does not appear that way while standing outside, it’s quite mega inside.

Epic steel canisters surround you as you walk around taking tours. The staff is educated, fun, and their energy is intoxicating while expressing the passion for their kick ass job – and of course the main reason we are here- beer.

There are different types of beer perfect for everyone including the Perennials: Brooklyn Lager, Brown Ale, Pale Ale, Pilsner and Pennant.

In the Seasonals category they have Black Chocolate Stout, Brooklyn Hunter Ale, Monster Ale, Brooklyn Irish Stout, Summer Ale and Brooklyn October Fest.

Oh wait- how can I forget – they serve up a great serving of tantalizing food perfectly pairing it with each beer.

If you ever visit here are few things to keep in mind:

-Daily events occurring – check out their calendar

-Open to the public M-F for small batch reservations from 5-7pm.

-Happy Hour every Friday – Bottoms up!

-Saturday and Sundays for tours -can’t beat that.

So bring your appetite, open mind and quest to enjoy the heck out of Brooklyn Brewery.


@ Lauraslifeonink

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