Erin Bowman’s “King Boy” Still Shows Who’s Queen


After this summer’s disco inspired hits such as Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky” or that song you can’t get out of your head “Blurred Lines”, I have been patiently waiting for a strong female to take hold of the disco fever.  While driving down the road one afternoon, Erin Bowman’s  “King Boy” came on the radio as a Top 20 Hit. Her sultry voice and catchy lyrics captured that hidden disco hook, and it stopped me from changing the channel. I had to listen.

My excitement on finally hearing a sassy female song take radio’s reigns from the testosterone filled hits of Summer 2013 led to having a conversation with Ms. Bowman herself. Confident and excited, Erin answered all of my questions with the grace of someone who’s been in the industry for a lot longer than two singles.  Coming off of her hit from 2011’s titled “Problem”, Bowman’s new LP has a different view, but her strong vocals still keep the same resonance. I was able to talk to Erin about her Jersey roots, hit “King Boy”, and her thoughts on the NYC music scene.

Coming off 2011’s debut single “Problem”, how did that change the way you chose songs to sing or write?

-Problem is one of the songs I wrote really young. I’ve been writing for years. When you’re 18 you feel a lot different than you do when you’re older. These are the crucial growing years. It’s not exactly what I would say anymore. “Problem” was an aggressive anthem for girls about man hating. It’s really fun and I still love it, but my music is different. “King Boy” is a lot of fun too, but both men and women can enjoy it.

With all the stereotypes out there from media, New Jersey gets a bad rep. Do you think being from New Jersey has added to your personality?

Being New Jersey raised-has definitely makes me more sassier. I think you realize especially when you travel or visit other places, people are so nice. It’s not that you’re not nice, New Yorkers and New Jersey-ians have a way about us. It’s not a bad thing, but it can seem intimidating. We want to get stuff done. I also think we get a bad reputation, but there are obnoxious bad people everywhere.

What do you feel about the NYC music scene?

I love the NYC music scene. I think the vibe is good and fun. Everyone is working so hard and everything is moving so fast. I want to branch out and experience other music scenes like LA, but I love NYC and love its diversity.

I read that you were inspired by 90s influence. Does this come out in your music?

-I love 90s music. I loved TLC, Britney spears, and female grounds like the Spice Girls. The Spice girls were my biggest influences. Their music was fun, catchy, and they had a good time with it. I never really cared when the producers wanted me to write exactly like what’s on the radio right now. I want to be different, and didn’t care if it fit on the radio. With all the hits out there, “King Boy” doesn’t really fit on the radio, but who wants to hear all the same things? “King Boy” was chosen for the second single, because it’s more unisex and its fun. A lot of the 90s has that “disco vibe”, which really connects my single to what’s out there.

What is the meaning behind “King Boy”?

When I was writing it, I was thinking about meeting guy (the beginning) and you’re excited. You want him. It’s a really nice song to boys but I made sure to write “I’ll be the boss but you be the man”. It’s about having that strong sassy female voice.


After hearing her vocal capacity on both singles, I personally am looking forward to hearing her full LP. For more information, her music, or to check out for upcoming shows in the NYC area, check out Erin Bowman’s website here.


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