LGBT Jewelry Brand Rony Tennenbaum Finds Home At Ben Bridge Jeweler

Ben Bridge Jeweler, one of the biggest independently owned jewelry chains in the country, is now marketing to the LGBT community by stocking a jewelry collection whose very reason for being is to celebrate same-sex marriages.
The Seattle-based chain, which operates 70 stores primarily in the western United States,  has added Rony Tennenbaum Jewelry to its bridal cases in its Tacoma and Spokane locations. Rony Tennenbaum, a New York City based jewelry designer, has been revolutionizing the bridal jewelry industry with 25 years of experience creating engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings for same-sex couples. But the pickup by Ben Bridge marks the company’s first-ever chain retailer account.

Rony introduced his own collection after recognizing the need for LGBT wedding jewelry that went beyond the stereotypical rainbows and triangles. According to the designer Engagement and wedding rings should proclaim love, not sexual orientation. 

Rony Tennenbaum’s unique pieces are built with fashion in mind and driven by classic, timeless features.  By using EcoGold in most of his creations, he guarantees that no toxins or waste materials are dumped into the environment. In addition, his strong beliefs in bringing well-needed jobs back to the US encouraged Rony to make sure most of his jewelry is locally made.

The partnership between Ben Bridge and Rony Tennenbaum Jewelry is not only a perfect match but also timely. The same sex wedding market is burgeoning nationally creating a boom in the LGBT bridal industry in key cities.

One of my favorite collections of Rony Tennenbaum is the LVOE Life Project: a collection with the message “No matter how you spell it…Love is Love”. As far as his collection is concerned the LVOE is one of the most popular but Tennenbaum also has others including the “Brick” Collection, “Wedding” collection, “Air” Collection, “Ripple” Collection, “Euro” Collection, “Knots” Collection, “Circles” Collection and “Fusion” Collection.zzz


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