Forced Sterilization by Dr. Ryan Houssein

Forced sterilization is a topic of discussion lately… Not really but in my head I think about it all the time. Our world has now over 7.1 billion people and the number climbs everyday. We are heading for extinction if we keep up at these rates. It is scientific fact that the dinosaurs became extinct because they couldn’t pull out and they got over populated and ate all the leaves so there was no food left. Just go to this website and watch the number of assholes just clicking up every second.

I was cooling my jets on this idea until this morning as I was sitting at my desk reading the Huffington Post and came across an article where two parents are being charged with murder after their child died because of “faith-healing.” First off, bravo they should absolutely be charged with murder. I am also happy to report that their other SEVEN children have been taken away from them and placed in foster care.

That is seven complete wastes of life. Through no fault of their own just that they were unlucky enough to be born to these two raging hard-ons. They have no chance at a normal life now, through having to experience the death of a sibling, being taken away from their parents, and having to deal with the inner struggle of either undoing the brain washing of extreme faith based thought or continuing to live the dumb way their parents taught them. “Well Ryan we must respect people’s beliefs.” NO WE MUST NOT! Just because someone has a belief doesn’t make it valid or respectable. Belief is just a fancy word for opinion and opinions are wrong all the time. When your opinion is causing the death of children because they are too young to defend themselves from it, your opinion is fucking wrong and deserves no respect. And that is just the seven born to these two lunatics, that’s not to mention all the other moron kids born to people like the Duggars who have about 30, and all those kids will be like, “I came from a big family so I want a big family.” So, basically we are looking at those 30 kids having 30 each and that is 900 fucking people born from the ignorance of two.

According to the article on the Huffington Post, Oregon has banned faith based healing as a defense against murder and good for them.

So I have come up with a test that must be passed in order to see if you qualify for right to give birth. We will administer it hastily to everyone 15 and older starting next month then for the future all boy babies will have vasectomies at birth and can only have them reversed if they and their partners pass my test. Here it is:

1) Do you believe in faith healing?

2) Do you believe having more than 2 children is a good idea?

3) Do you believe Jameson Irish Whiskey is more enjoyable than a child?

That third question I added just so that I have to be sterilized as well, gives me an excuse to get out of kids. And if you answered yes to either of questions one or two you fail and are not allowed to have children. If you are so ignorant that in 2013 you are ignoring the facts put forth by the scientific community on medicine you need to be sterilized. If you think having more than two children so that they grow up start driving and start making my wait at the Taco Bell drive through longer you need to be sterilized.

Read the article that started my rant here: ..And just for the record I feel terrible about the photo I chose for this article. That kid rules.


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