After years of watching from afar I finally got to go to This is Hardcore Fest (TIHF) in Philly. Of course my broke ass could only afford one day but here is the recap from that epic day.

Photo Credit: Neal Murdock

Photo Credit: Neal Murdock

For those of you who aren’t familiar with TIHF, here goes. Imagine four days of some of the best new and old as shit hardcore bands convening in a single venue and parking lot full of food trucks. Sound like heaven? Yes, dirty, sweaty, loud, and heavy heaven.

MODERN LIFE IS fucking WAR is back! Yeah, you heard that right. One of my favorite bands, who broke up in 2008 and played my basement for the farewell tour, has written a new record on Deathwish Inc. The record, Fever Hunting, has been streaming all week on Pitchfork so obviously that’s all I’ve been listening to at work (“Chasing My Tail” is so good). Fever Hunting does not disappoint and is probably one of the best come back albums I have ever heard. I was more than prepared to see them headline the Friday showcase of TIHF.

Holy good lord was their set fun. Of course I was in the thick of it and managed to get kicked in the face within the first few songs, but I cleaned up the bloody nose and hopped right back in. Then they played “My Love, My Way” and as you kids say “shit got cray.”

Photo Credit: Modern Life is War Facebook page

Photo Credit: Modern Life is War Facebook page

I made the poor (awesome?) decision to stage dive. Now you would think a scrawny bitch like me would be easy to catch right? Nah, I managed to bounce and land on my back, spraining my elbow and shoulder (all in the name of hardcore). Thankfully some handsome fellow pulled me out of the pit since I was unable to walk (if you are out there let me buy you ice cream!) and I watched the last of the set from afar. After a trip to the ER and no broken bones, my time at TIHF came to an end (would do again).

I forgot to mention… Bane had a freaking pizza party on stage! Yes, Joe Hardcore (organizer and best dude) came out on stage and pizza was passed and thrown during Bane’s set. You can see my video of the debauchery here.

I know I’m mostly gushing about Modern Life is War but the rest of the show was also amazing, boasting bands like Tragedy, Panic, Blacklisted and the new favorite Incendiary, hailing from our very own Long Island. The rest of the fest included names like Kid Dynamite (part of their farewell shows), Kill Your Idols, Black Train Jack, Suburban Scum, H2O, 7 Seconds, JUDGE, Nails (word is that this was the most ignorant set of all), Sick Of It All, Paint it Black, Slapshot, and GWAR. Next year’s dates have been released as July 24-27 2014. You bet your ass I will be going all four days!

Modern Life is War will be going on tour in October. Breathe.

Until next year, Joe Hardcore.

Fever Hunting Stream

Video of Modern Life is War set

Modern Life is War tour dates

This is Hardcore Fest website

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