“The shape of punk to come, never came.” Sorry, United Nations but The Shivering Brigade begs to differ. These dudettes and dudes are keeping lady-fronted punk alive in Brooklyn. So much so that the singer, Nikola Nonesuch even broke her neck stage diving at a show.

Photo Credit: Doug Glass

Photo Credit: Doug Glass

“All we want to do is have a really good time and make people forget about all the bullshit that you have to deal with in your everyday life,” says Danielle Kolker. “Just dance and mosh and scream and sing and party.”

The Shivering Brigade consists of Nicola Nonesuch (vocals), Danielle Kolker (woodwinds), Rev. Johnny Midnite (bass), Danielle Ward (hand saw), Strong Baby Coffin (drums), Johnny Zeee (guitar), and Jon Good (brass). They bring rockabilly, punk, ska and a little crust to their music. These party animals debuted at a New Year’s masquerade in which they provided champagne to the crowd.

“It was really, really wild,” says Kolker. “Lot’s of champagne everywhere.”

Nothing gets punks more excited than free booze. Well, free booze and moshing.

Photo Credit: Doug Glass

Photo Credit: Doug Glass

The Shivering Brigade has been busy since that debut show and recently released their first EP Dog Days and Cat Years, premiering it at the Paper Box on August 2nd. The record boasts an A side representing death and a B side representing life.

“Life with all its rough edges and ups and downs but ultimately with an optimistic attitude,” says Nonesuch about the B side.

To support the EP, band will be going on a short East Coast tour including a house show in my old stomping grounds, Harrisonburg, VA. This will be their first big tour and when asked what they wanted to get out of the tour, Nonesuch responded succinctly with, “a black eye.” Couldn’t have answered it better myself.

Like I’ve said before, I’ve never been able to get very into girl-fronted bands or even female singers for that matter but The Shivering Brigade may change that. With the passion and intensity they put into their music I can’t help but feel my legs wanting to do a little skanking.

You can catch the Shivering Brigade on tour or at their next NYC show at ABC No Rio on October 5th and their CMJ Showcase at the Paper Box on October 18th.

TUNES: Bandcamp

MORE INFO: The Shivering Brigade Facebook

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