NYC Crime Report with Pat Dixon

What do suicide, stabbings, murders, kidnapping and being sold into sex slavery have in common? They are all hilarious… Well not really but when they are discussed on the podcast NYC Crime Report they are.

The New York City Crime Report Podcast on the Cave Comedy Radio network is hosted by comedian Pat Dixon and has a brilliant way in finding the humor in crime and horrible stories affecting the New York City residents. Past guests on the Crime Report have included Bobcat Goldthwait and subway hero Joe Lozito. The show has been running for over 2 years and just released its 107 episode.

Episode 107 features special guest Mara Marek who recounts her true story of “kidnapping, a high-priced DC escort service, the man running the international sex trafficking ring behind it all, and what Mara is doing to help take him down.” Personally, I suggest listening as the subject matter above gets discussed and covered in a way that only a comedy show about crime could.

Other recent episodes have covered topics such as a German man’s suicide over some poodles, a crazy homeless guy stabbing a woman, the joint suicide of a couple who hosted their own self-help radio show and a dog fighting ring getting busted. I know, I know this sounds like very dark material and it is, but never have I laughed so hard hearing about such subject matter.

I have only started listening to NYC Crime Report about 2 months ago and am constantly downloading older episodes waiting for new ones. I definitely recommend checking this show out.

You can download NYC Crime Report on iTunes and

For more information on comedian Pat Dixon visit his website at and follow him on Twitter @patdixon


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