Remember last year, when I first slipped into my music writing shoes? Remember a little two day festival we called Afropunk, where I met Bad Rabbits and Telly from Ninjasonik and almost peed my pants at the surprise appearance of one Yasiin Bey? It’s that time again, and I have no doubt this year’s Afropunk Fest will rock my world just as hard. I’ve already invested in adult diapers.

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The 2013 festival boasts quite a lineup, including ?uestlove and Rye Rye, along with Jada Pinkett Smith’s band, Wicked Wisdom and a plethora of local bands in addition to several from not quite so close (London, England!). The nature of Afropunk hosts home to a variety of music styles as well, making it extremely difficult for any music fan to be excluded from the hype.

While I’m still a bit skeptical about whether Wicked Wisdom will be up my alley, I’m rather excited to see and speak with Pyyramids, collaborative effort between OK Go’s Tim Nordwind and He Say, She Say’s Drea Smith, who are taking the green stage at 2:00 on Sunday (is there a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?). Plus, Living Colour is set to deliver some old school 80s rock to the green stage on Sunday night, which is nothing less than a thrill to me, despite the fact that I hate wrestling and wish “Cult of Personality” hadn’t been chosen as the theme song for one, CM Punk. But I digress. I’m an 80s child, the music was legit, and I’m looking forward to some of that good shit in my life.

Even when the color themed stages aren’t taken over by 80s bands; chick fronted, straight edge metalcore; hyperactive rappers and a wide selection of other musical artists, DJs galore promise to keep the music coming and prevent the crowd from the slightest bit of boredom.

Naturally, all that rocking makes a girl hungry, but Afropunk has it covered with a street full of New York’s finest food trucks, obviously including this writer’s own source of income, Wafels and Dinges. Carbo/sugarload anyone? Go for the spekuloos and nutella combo. Appearances also promised by Bareburger, Nuchas, Rickshaw Dumpling, People’s Pops, Wing N’ It and so freaking many more. Thank God I get paid on Friday, but my new gym routine has to kick off immediately Monday morning.

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Afropunk is always awesome, but this year is vying for coolest festival yet, starting off with a free, morning yoga session called RISE + SHINE at the park before the festivities kick off. Free water too.

So wait, free music, free yoga, access to numerous food truck legends, sexy bikes for view and an array of New York’s finest local art. This is Afropunk? Why isn’t everyone in the city flocking to this glorious weekend of music and cultural heaven? From what I remember, many do, and since it’s free, the line can get a little out of control. My recommendation? Get your lazy ass out of bed and head to Fort Greene’s Commodore Barry Park before everyone else drags their hungover bodies to the same place.

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