I can’t even tell you how excited I am to be attending FunFunFun Fest November 8, 9, and 10 in Austin, TX.  The lineup boasts a ridiculous number of super sweet bands and I’m excited to not have to wear pants in November.  In its eighth year, FunFunFun also includes comedians, food (tacos, obviously… good god the tacos), and poster art.  If you haven’t had enough tunage in your ears by the end of the day, have no fear!  There are also FunFunFun Nite shows too! You can currently purchase 3 day passes (which get you into all the nite shows) and single day passes go on sale September 5th.  The schedule will also be released on the 5th.  The website even has directions on how to get to the fest from Brooklyn (pretty presumptuous if you ask me but also comical). Now that you know about the festival in general, let’s talk about the bands I’m stoked on seeing.

Photo Credit: Mark Seliger

Photo Credit: Mark Seliger


Do I really even need to say anything about one of the greatest metal bands to ever exist?  Although Jeff Hanneman is no longer with them (RIP) I’ll be practicing my headbanging for the next few months.  This will also be my first time seeing them and if I don’t strain my neck then I’m obviously just not doing it right.


These dudes, though. The Descendents are one of the most influential bands (in my opinion) for youth and us old people to this day. Whether you’re more about following Milo’s life of growing up or just need a hardcore love song, the Descendents have it covered (I’ve lost count of how many of my friends have Milo tattoos).  I was lucky enough to see them last year at Free Press Summer Fest, also in Texas (I love Texas… Waffle House, Taco Cabana, and Natachee’s. ‘Nuff said). Over the years the Descendents’ music has evolved a lot. They started out in the hardcore scene, blasting heavy love songs and more recently have moved into the punk/pop punk realm of short, fast songs. Even if you can’t make it to the fest I HIGHLY recommend picking up one of their records, or ALL of them.

Photo Credit: Descendents Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Descendents Facebook Page


When I saw Quicksand for the first time here in NYC I’m pretty sure I was not only the only girl present but maybe even the youngest person in the room.  Quicksand originally had members from hardcore bands such as Youth of Today, Gorilla Biscuits, Bold, and Burn.  Their music definitely has roots in hardcore but caters to the folks who may be too old for the mosh pit. They have heavy undertones but your parents won’t complain about you blasting it in your room. The band originally broke up in 1995 but have had a few reunions (does that even count as a breakup at that point?), one of which I got to see this year. I can’t wait to see them again.


Remember that time Mike Judge said JUDGE would never reunite after breaking up in 1991? Remember that time they played two sold out shows at Black N’ Blue Bowl in 2013 (both of which I got to witness!)? Remember that time they played This is Hardcore Fest in 2013? So much for never playing again. JUDGE will continue their reunion by playing Fun Fun Fun Fest.  I have to admit it will be weird to see them at an outdoor festival but nonetheless they will be Bringin’ It Down NYHC style.

Photo Credit: Lisa Brown

Photo Credit: Lisa Brown

August Burns Red

Why the hell is August Burns Red on my “excited to see list” next to Slayer? Yeah, yeah, they’re a super Christian metalcore band that gets a lot of crap BUT 16-year-old me is exploding inside.  But in all seriousness, ABR are actually pretty kickass musicians. I may not agree with their lyrics but I thoroughly enjoy their heavy riffs and extremely attractive members. I haven’t seen them since I was a youngin’ so my nostalgia will be especially high.


Pelican was the first band I listened to that made me realize Explosions in the Sky are actually not that good (sorry, not sorry). I’ve always considered Explosions to be the gateway band to really good post-rock and post-metal. Pelican is incredibly heavy with a hint of doom and stoner metal, the perfect mix, in my opinion. I got to see them in a tiny basement bar back in VA so again, it will be interesting to witness them at a giant festival.


More hardcore punk at a giant festival? To me, this is unreal and awesome.  The Cro-Mags hail from our very own NYC and have members from Crown of Thornz (most absurd and ignorant band I have ever seen, and it ruled).  We won’t go into the stupid shit that happened last year when their old vocalist stabbed and bit some current members backstage at a show, but just know that actually happened. Ah the insane world of hardcore. Anyway, I’m excited to see them and may have to attempt some stage diving again.

Photo Credit: Pelican Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Pelican Facebook Page

Title Fight

Last but definitely not least, Title Fight. I only recently got into this band but they have revived my love of pop punk (check out The Wonder Years too!).  Title Fight is from Pennsylvania and their music is really a mix of emo, punk, and pop punk drawing influences from some of my faves Knapsack, Jawbreaker, and Lifetime but unfortunately have toured with bands I’m really not into. So it will be rad to see them for the first time actually with bands that rule.

Now that I’ve introduced you to some of my favorite bands playing FunFunFun Fest I must mention that there are a ton of other sweet bands playing. I will spend my off time checking out new music and get back to you on some new tunes to check out!

MORE INFO: FunFunfun Fest Website


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