Miley Cyrus: Disney Girl Gone Wild (or Smart?)


It’s been a few days since the dust has settled over Miley Cyrus’ performance with Robin Thicke, and people are still at it strong. Just to recap for those of you hiding under a rock, Miley twerked with teddy bears, stripped down to a flesh colored bikini ensemble, danced on married man Robin Thicke’s junk, and then proceeded to use a foam finger to touch herself.  Obviously her performance had more to do with the “Blurred Lines” she enjoyed before the performance rather than the song she sang herself.

For those of you in an uproar over the MTV VMAs and Miley Cyrus’ performance, I want to remind you of the history of the VMAs. MTV produces this “award show” to celebrate scandal and the music that we can’t stop listening too. It’s the only actually “music oriented” show left on MTV, and it continues to shock and appaul people. And we continue to watch it because we want to be shocked.


I hate to think of my age, but it was brought to my attention that it has been 10 YEARS since the infamous Britney Spears/Madonna kiss, and 20 prior to Madonna rolling around “Like a Virgin” on stage. (and no, no one remembers Christina Aguilera was apart of that performance during her brunette ghetto years. She already showed her ass cheeks in the “Dirrty” video…a kiss is PG for her).

Obviously I’m on Team Britney.

Anyway, the performance made me think about other performances on the VMAs, and I can’t say that I’m shocked Miley Cyrus did what she did. Miley Cyrus gets paid millions of dollars to be an entertainer. She spends hours a day working on that six pack, dyes her hair, and sticks out her tongue not because that’s essentially her personality, but because she has a brand and a character to represent. Sure, when Britney Spears went from Disney Mouseketter to pig tail school girl to “I’m Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman”, she appropriately chose a ballad and sang off a mountain. Miley chose to go with cutting off all of her hair, not wearing underwear, “shaking it in the strip club”, and singing about drugs.

And I applaud her.

Yes, she’s a trainwreck. Yes, she obviously is the product of child stardom and the constant transition of trying to make millions while becoming an adult. She was a role model, and she held her own during her contract with Disney. Now, the well is drying up, and not even her Nicholas Sparks’ movie adaptation could keep her fancy life continuing.

To me, Miley is a marketing genius. She acts like she doesn’t care and this is who she wants to  be. Yet, she does these outlandish performances in order to shock audiences, keep them talking and tuning in because she actually DOES care. We have to remember the time period of our early 20s. We made mistakes, had those crazy drinking nights that we kind of remember, and laugh when we tell those stories later. We didn’t want to be role models, and it’s obvious she doesn’t want to  be now. If we didn’t understand where she’s coming from “We Can’t Stop” wouldn’t be such a Summer 2013 hit. If the audience didn’t love it, they wouldn’t be talking about it. And if Miley Cyrus wasn’t doing her job, my own 50 year old mother wouldn’t be asking me if I “saw that Miley girl’s performance”.
Congratulations Miley, you’re now one of the most searched people on the web. Just don’t pull a Lindsay Lohan or Amanda Bynes.

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