Chevonne and The Fuzz Release Debut EP

Known only by her first name these days, vocalist Chevonne started her music career in a cover band she found on craigslist. Four years later, she’s come full circle and is again the leading lady of this group of guys, except this time they’re only covering their own writing. And Chevonne’s been busy.

“We were doing covers, and then she went off and did that little show The Voice,” describes co-vocalist Chris Ricci.

Photo credit to Tyler Golden/NBC

Photo credit to Tyler Golden/NBC

We all, including Ricci, know that performing for Christina Aguilera and Adam Levine is no small feat. (I hear there are other celebrities on the show too, but I’m really only concerned with these two, we’ll call them Pipes and The Pantydropper). But neither Chevonne nor her guys seem to have foreseen the impact the reality show would have on her life.

“I never thought a competition show would be so important in building up my future as an artist,” Chevonne admits. “I auditioned for The Voice on a whim and because I was looking for a bunch of different music gigs.”

Ricci even admits skepticism regarding the whole idea, but he seems to have somehow had a change of heart.

“I really didn’t have a good view of reality singing shows, but they’re a great opportunity for a lot of people,” he says. “They let her be her, and that’s a great thing.”

Chevonne has quite a musical resume even before her appearance on the popular reality show including spots as a background vocalist for both Estelle and Lady Gaga. Not sure if you guys have ever heard of those ladies. It seems, however, that The Voice was extremely instrumental in helping her to create her own persona and take steps to release an album.

“Every episode I had 5-10 minutes to really brand myself as an artist, and I never would have thought that would be so instrumental,” Chevonne explains. “From day one they were just like, ‘We want you to do whatever you feel comfortable doing. Be yourself, we’re really behind you. It is your decision on what you’re going to sing.’ I was really able to harness that front-woman rock energy. This is who I am, this has been who I am the whole time. I just wanna rock!”

Now she’s got a chance to do just that with the guys who helped her start it all, and Chevonne has no intention of leaving them behind. When she returned to the studio with them, Chevonne says she found that she wasn’t even interested in doing a solo album and that the band just came together as one.

“After The Voice it was time for her to make a record, and she recruited us,” Ricci describes. “We were working on her record and it turned out as us writing music more as a band than Chevonne giving us direction.”

“Doing a Chevonne fronted album is not really what I’m into,” Chevonne agrees. “I had played with almost all of the boys before, I knew how talented they were and I knew they would make me into a better musician. I have to say it’s 3000% true, and I have them to think for the sound from the EP.”

Ricci and Chevonne both agree that they could ask nothing more from the end product of their time spent making music together.

“We don’t listen to this record and think that there’s anything else we would do differently,” they maintain.

See for yourself what all the talk is about on September 17, when the EP officially releases as the first album from Chevonne and the Fuzz. Chevonne and the guys are planning a release party the Wednesday after, September 25, and word is they just may bring it to our quiet little city for its debut. Let us all bow our heads together and pray for this occurrence. In the meantime, keep your eyes and ears sharp for a September 17 purchase opportunity.

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