Love Inc., The Business of Love

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Despite the fact that many New Yorkers are in no rush to settle down and tie the knot, it seems that many still are, and the market is as profitable as ever. So much so that Love Inc. founder, Brittny Drye, has launched a digital magazine and website dedicated to helping out brides and grooms to be in every aspect of the wedding process.

To celebrate this launch, Drye hosted a select group of friends, media and other wedding gurus at the west side’s 404 NYC for an appropriately stark white and well stocked launch party. Brought together by Roey Mizrahi Events, the Love Inc. launch featured a wide variety of delicious sweets and hors d’oeuvres in addition to a photo booth, live DJ and the princess of the hour herself, Drye. Drye’s party wasn’t just a celebration of her magazine launch- it was a demonstration of the amazing things her vendor collection can put together for a special occasion.

As a sweets lover, the dessert table was obviously the first thing to catch my eye. Equipped with homemade whoopie pies in various flavors (vanilla and funfetti…hello?!), a collection of sea salted yummies, brownies, blondies, wholesome grain bars and anything else a girl can dream of, Love Inc.’s dessert array was nothing short of delectable. Thanks to the amazing bakers and masterminds at Butter & Scotch, Batter & Cream, Ovenly and Sugar Flower Cake Shop, I am seeking new, cheap dental care, and I’m not even upset about it.

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Photo credit to Shanna Gibbs

Nisa Lee Catering also provided a wealth of scrumptious bites without the sugar. From crispy shrimp tacos to red herring Thai quinoa to classy wooden spoons of Tandoori chicken and even a vegetarian pizza, I can’t imagine any one of Drye’s guests had trouble finding something to munch on.

The real reason for the party, Love Inc. was provided to guests via ipad at electronic docking stations near the bar. Free to navigate through the site exploring vendors, wedding inspirations, true stories and a variety of helpful information for couples across the country and across all sexual preferences, party-goers had a first look at what Love Inc. has to offer. Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of Love Inc. is its obvious dedication to serving weddings of all types, including same-sex. As one of the most controversial topics in our society, gay couples seeking marriage do not historically have a wealth of help and resources at their fingertips. Until now, thanks to Love Inc.

Love Inc. hasn’t changed my desire to wait a hefty amount of time before diving into marriage, but it has renewed the excitement of a little girl who loves to plan things and watch them come together, and if I ever do get married, I know where I’ll be finding my vendors.

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