So Once Again I Swim in REVERIE

What would happen if Good Old War, Oasis, and Billy Joel had a threesome? Well, you’d probably end up with Reverie.  But seriously, you know the guy at the party trying to pick up chicks by playing Wonderwall? Well, I guarantee Reverie would be a better wingman.

photo Credit: Reverie Facebook Page

photo Credit: Reverie Facebook Page

Hailing from England, this indie-folk band is a family affair consisting of brothers Ed Rhodes (drums and percussion) and Jim Rhodes (bass) as well as cousins Adam Davis (lead guitar, piano, and backing vocals) and Aaron Hunter (rhythm guitar and lead vocals).  How did these two families come together you ask?

“We’ve grown up together and we’re best mates.  We took our instruments together” says Davis regarding collaborating with Hunter.

Finding it difficult to keep a dependable lineup, Davis and Hunter decided to just record their songs on their own. Later, Ed Rhodes started jamming with the cousins and finally brought Jim Rhodes into the picture.  Voila! Hello, Reverie.

The band has been working on a full length record and currently has four songs laid down.

“The Masquerade, it’s a beautiful song” says Davis of his favorite tune “it’s a ballad and not cheesy.”

Photo Credit: Rever Facebook Page

Photo Credit: Rever Facebook Page

Recording was halted, however, when Davis had a daughter in the US, making practice and recording with the whole band difficult.  But Davis isn’t taking a break, and instead, he’s using his time here in NYC to promote Reverie and even play some solo sets around the city.

“Recording is one thing but obviously playing live gets you out there” insists Davis.

He’s already done some great networking, and I look forward to the time when the full band can play shows in the states.

Reverie’s biggest goals for the next year?

“Getting more in the scene, just bigger and better” explains Davis.

Keep a lookout for Davis’ solo shows as well as the full band in NYC in the next few months!

Reverie Facebook

Reverie Live Tunage

Reverie SoundCloud

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