Kosha Dillz Debuts Album At Webster

Sometimes I meet awesome artists at CMJ. Sometimes I meet rappers who are having an album release party two weeks later with a guest appearance by Matisyahu. Cue Kosha Dillz.

Photo credit to jewlicious.com

Photo credit to jewlicious.com

I ran into Kosha Dillz, whose name I’d never even heard before, at a CMJ show at The Delancey. He gave me his new CD and invited me to his release show on November 4. Days later Kosha gave a good friend the opportunity to perform his first New York City show during CMJ. Combine that with hearing his album and the fact that I rarely turn down the chance to see a good performance, and it shouldn’t be hard to guess where I was Monday night. Hint: The Studio at Webster Hall, waiting to see Kosha Dillz take the stage.

Definitely not a show I regret. Kosha himself is a superstar dude, spending time at his own party to take care of my guest and me when we had trouble at the door. We were able to stay for the whole show and enjoy ourselves thanks to his dedication to his music and making sure we heard it. After hearing it, it’s no surprise why, but let me save that for later.

Kosha invited a variety of artists to his pre-appearance lineup, starting with the best, in my opinion. SFTTM, short for Searching for the Truth Music, opened the stage for the party, and I’m sad to say this was my first time hearing these guys. Composed of four rappers, Dizzy SenZe, July Quin, Aspades and SiD, SFTTM commands the stage as an energetic group with a lot to say and one of the most talented female emcees I’ve ever seen. Dizzy SenZe is a viable threat to the majority of women in the game at the moment. Without hesitation.

Can’t say all of Kosha’s homies were as talented, unfortunately, as Shamon Cassette took the stage next, and I was unimpressed. I can’t deny the dude’s fashion sense was sick, but I also can’t deny the feeling that his appearance was more important to him than what he spit. It didn’t take me long to get tired of the repetition of a few phrases throughout his entire performance. I’m no stranger to the relationship between hip-hop and fashion, but no relationship is successful when both sides don’t give equally. Feel me?

Two of Kosha’s other guests, G.R.A.M.Z. and Kyle Rapps brought their fair share of talent, though I can’t attest for Stan Ipcus. Not because he sucked, just because I got hungry and had to grab a slice. A girl’s gotta eat, okay?!?

Photo credit to chronogram.com

Photo credit to chronogram.com

They say it has to get worse before it gets better, which I suppose wasn’t any different for Kosha’s release, as it definitely got disgusting worse before Kosha took the stage. Somehow, what seemed to be a teenage sorority girl weaseled her way into the show before the final act and performed a song called, “Dancing on His Dick” under the moniker, Lil Freckles. For the majority of her performance I wasn’t sure whether to cry or vomit, and unfortunately, she is likely to make something of herself in the music industry, as her hook was catchy and pertained to a woman unabashedly having casual, unprotected sex with a summer “love.” As we’ve seen with modern pop music, when you have a message like that, talent isn’t a requirement. Lucky her.

Props to my ability to make it through that, though, because Kosha Dillz brought it like a boss. Amped, positive and damned determined to get everyone in his audience directly involved, Kosha didn’t even struggle to bounce the crowd back from the ups and downs of the evening. He had our arms up, voices loud and energy high throughout his performance, which proved to be a collection of expertly composed rhymes over beats I couldn’t help but move to. I waited all night for someone to give me a reason to smile and sway, and Kosha Dillz had it in his pocket the whole time. And that was before he brought Matisyahu onstage. Something about that man’s unique voice is so smooth I can’t wipe the huge grin from my face when he starts laying it down. Any friend of his is a friend of mine. Especially if they rap like Kosha. Best news? My Matisyahu/Kosha party was a surprise, and a pleasant one, but these guys are going on tour, and they’ll be back at Webster together soon. Who’s ready? You’re not.

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