Creative Edge Makes Holidays Easier

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching and Christmas right around the corner, that stressful holiday entertaining time is uncomfortably on our heels…for those who entertain during the holidays.

Photo credit to Christian Grattan Photography

Photo credit to Christian Grattan Photography

Anyone who has ever thrown a party of any sort, especially of the Christmas variety, knows the trauma that can, and usually does accompany it. Trying to make everyone happy while hosting the perfect party with no hitches is pretty much the equivalent of waltzing into an ordinary kitchen and grabbing the holy grail without issue. Fortunately for entertainers, of the rich and not-so-rich variety, Creative Edge founder, Carla Ruben, has made a career of easing the pain.

Founded over 20 years ago, Creative Edge is Ruben’s premier party service, catering to the likes of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Vogue, The New York Public Library and an impressive list of other clientele who have called upon her in their time of need. From her unique decorating touch to her exquisite recipes, Ruben seems to have a strong handle on everything necessary for the perfect party.

At a luncheon Creative Edge hosted yesterday afternoon, a fortune group of writers and other media personalities were privy to some of the delights Ruben can bring to a celebration. From tasteful, in more ways than one, pre-meal spritzers and filet mignon hors d’oeuvres to the “bar bar” finale, Ruben presented an unforgettable and much welcome respite from the everyday grind in her West Village tasting room.

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

Over a menu of cauliflower-parmesan flan, beef tenderloin and tuna checkerboard, ricotta gnocchi, pan-seared wild striped bass and a choice of delectable desserts (brown butter poached pear or salted caramel chocolate tart), Ruben shared a few words of wisdom and tips from her “Anti-Entertainer” style. A few of the most important tidbits include remembering that “there is no menu that everybody will like – so pick the menu you like,” “it’s okay to outsource,” “create an evening that is manageable and comfortable for you,” and most importantly, “be yourself – your guests are coming to see you.”

While the most obvious recommendation is to enlist Ruben’s personal help for your holiday parties this year (her food is delicious…just like her waitstaff), it goes without saying we don’t all have Calvin Klein’s budget. For those of you whose budget falls in the same ballpark, even if it’s in home-run territory, Ruben and Creative Edge are your best bet. Check them out at their website or shoot them an email. If you’re entertaining on a literal dime, visit the website anyway just to take in Ruben’s wealth of knowledge on all that is entertainment. True, she’s running a business, but the woman just wants us all to enjoy the holidays. Let her help.

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