Body Shaming: A National Epidemic

If there is one thing I am tired of lately it is of this culture of body shaming that we have created. Overweight and out of shape chicks are constantly posting links to articles on Facebook showing “real bodies.” It is always a gallery full of fat chicks and implies that any woman who is in shape or skinny doesn’t have a “real body.” It is offensive and needs to be stopped before we give these poor skinny girls a negative body image and they all stop working out.


The main argument in all of these “real body” articles is that the media has brainwashed us into thinking that in shape and skinny women are more attractive. Trust me it wasn’t the media. Men, well white dudes, have always felt this way. Want proof? Back when I was 10 before I ever knew what the media was I didn’t want to fuck Gilbert Grape’s mom, but show me Jennifer Aniston on Friends, and that got my little pee-pee moving. It has nothing to do with the media. But once again people in this country need a scapegoat for their own failures. And I say failures because being fat for the most part is a choice. Trust me I am overweight myself and I didn’t just magically gain 80 pounds after high school. I gained it eating fast food, binge drinking, and not working out. If you are fine with that life style or completely happy with how you look then more power to you, you deserve your happiness. But if you are not happy with your appearance fucking change it. It’s that simply, I started going to the gym and eating better and holy shit I lost some weight. I know, I know, you have a “thyroid problem,” enough of that. That’s like 1 percent of fat people. That’s like using, “I have an addictive personality,” as your excuse for being a homeless junkie. If you are not happy with your body image change it. Do not go off and try to shame other people. Do not go off and try to shame skinny and in shape women by saying they don’t have “real bodies.”

I’m not saying that out of shape or fat people should be shamed either, not at all. And I know that in this country there has been a lot of fat shaming and a promotion of an unhealthy body image for women. That is all wrong. But trying to correct the shitty attitudes of some by taking things in the polar opposite direction is also wrong. We always do that shit. Women used to get fucked in divorces and child support, so we went to the extreme and now the man’s life is ruined forever instead of finding common ground. Male bosses used to be sexist pigs and grope and harass women in the work place, instead of finding the middle, you ask a woman how her weekend was you’re in HR. White guys in this country have treated minorities like shit forever, instead of just agreeing to be civil, we now get people fired by taking the most meaningless comment out of context.

I know this opinion may have less value coming from a man because I don’t really comprehend the pressures women are under to look good, and men get away with being fat slobs and no one says anything, and women have to be perfect.  But, if you want that to change that double standard ladies, stop having sex with us because of our “personalities.” That’s the problem here. If women stopped fucking us dudes while we are fat slobs we would clean up real quick. But apparently the fact that we can “make you laugh” is all it takes to pound you. What incentive do we have to change while we are still getting laid? You girls stop getting free drinks at the bar you hit the treadmill; we never got free drinks no loss there.

I’m just saying for once can we find middle ground. Magazines will stop using 90 pound models and fat girls will stop wearing short shorts. Hollywood will stop making movies where the super sexy girl gets everything and the ugly nerd friend gets nothing, and fat chicks will stop getting in front of me in line at Wendy’s so I don’t have to wait extra long to get a Baconator down my throat.

But also consider this ladies, if you want the sexy, skinny women taken out of the underwear ads, we want the same thing. No more Brad Pitt in his tighty whiteys. That’s right from now on, John Goodman is going to model all men’s underwear! Is that what you want? Is it?! I forgot, it’s okay to sexualize men, but not women… Seems like a double standard to me. That’s because it is, we’re all hypocrites and assholes. Who cares anymore?

5 thoughts on “Body Shaming: A National Epidemic

  1. You seem to leave out the power dynamic in all of this. Men had consistently had a say on women’s bodies. The people constructing these sexualized images are men, funded by men, all for the male gaze. I’m not saying that sexualized images of men aren’t harmful, as eating disorders in men are becoming more prevalent. There just seems to be less fat shaming of men, of women yelling at men and deciding they have the ability to tell a guy he needs to lose weight or isn’t attractive, than there is of women.
    To me, this is akin to white people who don’t understand the big deal about blackface. They say “well, the movie white chicks was about black guys in whiteface, so it’s fine! it’s not racist.” This denies all of the historical connotations of blackface as well as ignoring that white people still have much more freedom and presence in society.

  2. You are 100% correct. I agree with all of that. The point I was just trying to make is that body shaming on both ends is wrong and we shouldn’t be promoting unhealthy body images whether too big or too small. The reason I focused on women is because on the social media they are the ones I see doing this to each other. Posting an article or a comment like, “real women have curves, fuck skinny bitches.” It just seems outrageous to me. My ultimate job though here is to write comedy pieces about current events so some of the ignorance and “dickish” comments in there are just intended to be funny and not taken seriously. Thanks for reading and all feedback!

  3. I don’t know how the hell I ended up on this article, but I really wish I hadn’t. Is this an unsuccessful attempt at satire, or is it an intentional sharing of views that sound like they came from the drunken rant of a freshly divorced man wearing a flannel onesie and a duck dynasty hat at a dive bar? The title makes it seem as if (I think the authors name is Ryan, but for the drunken man in the onesie’s sake, I’ll call him “Murica”) ‘Murica actually has a problem with “overweight and out of shape chicks” and “fat chicks” but the skinny ones are “sexy”? That’s.. sort of.. exactly body shaming. And the parts about divorces and sexual harassment in the work place are laughable. Serious cases of sexual harassment happen all of the time, and women are still fighting a very serious fight to end it. No one is in HR because of saying “hello”. Instead of picking apart this entire article piece by piece, I’m going to it end it here. It sounds to me like ‘Murica might be a bit of a misogynist, a bit uneducated, and a bit overprivileged. On a side note, if this was an attempt at satire.. you’re doing it wrong. Learning material:

  4. Actually not a drunken rant by a divorced man, I most likely wont be divorced for another 10 years. I’ve never seen Duck Dynasty, but that flannel onesie sounds delightful. The point here is that we’re all hypocrites and that shaming someone for being too thin is just as bad as shaming someone for being overweight. We also always go to extremes in this country rather than find a middle ground. We try to correct a problem by creating another problem. The reason I focused on women in this article is because all I am seeing on social media sites are women doing this sort of body shaming to each other.

    I’ve gotten plenty of positive feedback from women on this piece, examples as follows……. Caitlin M. “I’ve been wanting to say this out loud for years. Sweet baby Jesus thank you lol” …. Alexis G. “Thank you. Telling a thin girl how skinny she is can be just as crappy as telling her she’s fat…. Especially when it’s due to something called – genes.” … Jessica M “Really awesome article Ryan! Well written too! My fiancé Tom & I are both fed up with this “real woman have curves” bullshit” …

    As for the ignorance and the “that’s… sort of.. exactly body shaming” that’s the joke and goes along with my we’re all hypocrites point. We all only stand up for one side in situations like these and it always end up alienating the other side, even when we are preaching equality. Sorry it wasn’t as well crafted as your beloved Onion, I will read their site before I write anything from now on and try to copy their style exactly. Taking any individual thought and creativity out of the process so that we can live in a world where only people who live up to your standards of humor can create.

    Also, obviously there are still cases of sexual harassment, racism, women getting screwed in divorces, nothing is ever dealt with completely. I am just saying that we overreact to bad things in such a crazy manner that people are now losing their jobs and having their lives and careers ruined over meaningless comments or jokes taken completely out of context. We are living in a culture of policing thoughts and words and it is getting worse.

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