I’ll Mourn Who I Want!

I am really tired of being told who I am allowed to mourn. The recent trend on the Facebook is whenever a celebrity dies you have the people with their friendly rest in peace status, then you have the people, “8 SOLDIERS DIED AND YOU DON’T KNOW THEIR NAMES!!” Dude, neither do you, if it wasn’t for the meme you copy and pasted you would have no idea who those soldiers were either.

This is no disrespect to the military and troops dying is terrible. This is about the people who are on their god damn high horse trying to make you feel like shit because you enjoyed the work of a celebrity. Paul Walker is a recent example, and to be honest I had no idea who Paul Walker was, I thought he was already dead and then I realized I was confusing him with Paul Newman. But I looked him up and yes, The Fast and The Furious is the worst movie franchise in history, but this dude did a lot of good things. Flying to Haiti to help with humanitarian aid, going to Chile after the earthquake, he died leaving a charity for typhoon victims, a passion for marine biology and marine preservation… Oh and he also bought a $9,000 dollar engagement ring for a soldier after he overheard a conversation where the soldier wanted to propose before he went back to Iraq but couldn’t afford it. What the fuck have you done, you copy and pasting non-contributing loser?

Mr. I Love The Troops, have you ever sent a care package or donated to the Wounded Warrior Project? No? Because why would you? It’s easier to just copy, paste, and sit back and with a, “there now people know what a good person I am” attitude.

I’m not saying celebrities risk their lives for the country like soldiers do, but there can be a place to respect both in death. If a good hearted contributing member of the celebrity class dies why can’t you be allowed to mourn publicly without having some pretentious asshole trying to make you feel like shit?

The thing with celebrities is that although we don’t know them on a personal level when you become a fan of someone and enjoy their work they do become a part of your life. I was very upset when George Carlin died, never met the guy in my life. I will be devastated when Louis CK or Bill Burr dies. Am I a piece of shit because I don’t care that Dan Smith from Louisiana died in a hurricane? Maybe, but I didn’t know Dan and he had no impact in my life. And at least I’m honest; you don’t give a shit about Dan either, so stop acting like you do.

It is okay to be upset about a celebrity death and don’t let people make you feel like shit about it. Just because you are upset about a famous person you enjoyed dying doesn’t mean you don’t give a shit about the troops, police officers, and fire fighters. It doesn’t mean you weren’t affected by 9/11. You just are upset that someone that brought some joy and relief to this absolute horse shit we call life will no longer be around to do that for you. Mourn away friends.

One thought on “I’ll Mourn Who I Want!

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