The LoveHowl Strikes…Again?

Remember that one band I wrote about last year? The one with the one song and the talent and the “24 reasons” to show some love (and howl..)? Yeah, they’re releasing their first EP, and it’s so awesome that one release party wasn’t enough. So Sunday night at Piano’s in the Lower East Side, The LoveHowl presents The Chase. Again.

After their initial release party at Brooklyn’s Rock Shop, The LoveHowl has decided that even New Yorkers who are scared to venture to the scary outer boroughs should be privy to their music, so they’re bringing it inside Manhattan borders. Now you have no excuse not to check out what they’ve been working on all this time. Do it.

Photo credit to

Photo credit to

What: Good music

Donde (That means where): Piano’s, 158 Ludlow St.

When: Sunday, December 15 @ 8 pm

Be there, or be some variety of shape containing four equal sides.

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