Track By Track: The Griswolds

The Griswolds are here just in time for the holidays! But instead of pulling Christmas trees from a frozen ground with their bare hands, this Australian five piece is bringing their eclectic sound to Brooklyn Bowl.  Let’s go track by track, shall we?

(Photo by Tim Da-Rin)

(Photo by Tim Da-Rin)

The album’s opener and title track is “Heart of a Lion”.  In technical music industry jargon, it’s very “singalongable”, striking a Ramones-esque feel that adds to their distinct indie fusion.

It wastes no time immediately delving into catchy melodic hooks on the verse, and sustains them with ease through stark rhythm changes. The vocals are seamlessly integrated and avoid the token indie pitfall of trying way too hard, which is refreshing. The track is rounded out nicely by infectious guitar licks. It’s the album’s strongest representation of “what they do.”

Track 2 is Mississippi, which emits a bit more of an experimental, atmospheric vibe.  It emphasizes more electronic tones and spacey percussion, blanketing its underground undertones with a mesmerizing overlay. Nothing like 80’s synth throwbacks to remind Brooklyn Bowl what borough it’s in!

The album’s third track, The Courtship of Summer Presley, is a great example of how simple touches are what distinguish great songs from good songs. Stand out harmonies and tasteful drum fills are the show offs in this song, while the guitar reverses roles and pulls the song’s center. Listen to this track a few times – new nuisances will emerge every time that you do.

Closing the album is Red Tuxedo, which is a bit of a wildcard. While percussion tends to be one of their strongholds, this ballad peels layers away to reveal a pleasant combination of guitar and vocal balance. While the rest of the EP succeeds at blending crafty, challenging melodies into the mix, they shine brightly here. The picking pattern is somewhat predictable, but pleasantly so, showcasing a brighter sound than much of the EP.

For Fans Of: The Arctic Monkeys, Frightened Rabbit, Los Campesinos, Belle and Sebastian, The Wombats, rad music in general.

Lookey Here:

The Low Down:

Where: Brooklyn Bowl
When: Saturday, December 14th
Time: Doors: 11:30 p.m., Show: 11:59 p.m. (and not a minute later!)
Cost: $10.00
Tickets: Here

You can’t say Chevy Chase never did anything for you.

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