Rachel Lynn Sings

She also talks to NY Social Status about what it’s like going from writing to recording. Consensus is, it’s crazy.

Photo credit to rachellynnsings.com

Photo credit to rachellynnsings.com

Baltimore native, Rachel Lynn, has been classically trained, relocated to New York to spend all her pennies on music and has been writing up a storm since the release of her first EP, a self-titled, solo debut album in 2012. Now she’s finally ready to lay the fruits of her labor down onto a new EP, but this time, she won’t be alone. For her upcoming album, Lynn is collaborating with a full band for the first time ever to give her music a whole new sound, and she couldn’t be more excited. Having already done the bulk of the writing work, Lynn and her cohorts are now ready to focus on that part of the process she finds to be the most demanding: the recording.

“Now is the fun part and the crazy stressful part,” she admits. “These next few months we really get to see it come together.”

Regardless of how stressful recording may be, Lynn maintains that the majority of the pressure is self-induced, and it’s all worth it in the end.

“…the goal. To really find that balance of, this is my baby, this is what I love,” she explains. “You’ve talked about that next EP, and now is the point where you make it real, and you see if you’re making the product you’ve been talking about. It’s all stress you put on yourself. ”

Beginning in November, Lynn’s fellow band members did their work in the studio laying down the instrumentals that make up the four track EP to be released hopefully in spring of next year. Lynn’s vocal work for the album didn’t start until closer to December, but before even stepping foot into the studio, Lynn already has goals for what happens when she comes out.

Photo credit to rachellynnsings.com

Photo credit to rachellynnsings.com

“Once we’re out of the studio, the plan is to put energy into gigging again,” she says. “It’s a wonderful excuse to have hometown show . We have a new product out that I want to get people on board with. I want to play Philly, would love to hit Boston. Potentially Richmond. We’ve gotta figure it out, but I’m very ambitious.”

Lynn seems excited and ambitious about everything coming up on her radar, but bringing her new music to her fans in a totally different way seems to be at the forefront of it all.

“The exciting part is finally getting to share the story of my music and my sound and my writing with these new songs,” she shares. “The most exciting part is, obviously the release, we’ve done all this hard work and I’ve invested so much of myself and my time and my money.”

Keep an eye and ear out for Lynn’s new release coming this year, hopefully accompanied by a video or two.

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