Recap: Welcome All To 2014 With the McKittrick Hotel

I may have welcomed the New Year on the C train and eating a salad. However, before then I was having a much more glamorous time at a king’s masquerade ball, courtesy of The McKittrick Hotel.

Photo credit to Jenny Anderson

Photo credit to Jenny Anderson

Similar to Halloween, I jumped at the chance to spend the evening at the renowned and luxurious McKittrick Hotel. The open bar was just a plus. Thanks to a fabulous publicist, my date and I were actually able to catch the end of the Sleep No More New Year’s Eve performance. Admittedly, we were a bit lost and drowning in a sea of quite creepy white mask. I can imagine those who enjoyed the entire show were at the peak of their excitement. Our frustration at not having obtained masquerade attire was lifted with the house lights, as staff immediately began scouring the crowd with boxes full of silver, white and black masquerade-style masks. I may or may not have trampled a few people in an attempt to obtain mine. To those people, I apologize.

As can be expected at The McKittrick, we were among a beautiful, eloquently dressed crowd for the majority of our night. I spent the entire time in line for my red wine gazing at the gorgeous masks my fellow ladies had procured before making their appearances. There’s a very good chance one of them came from Cartier. Handsome men in suits and people in well-executed king’s ball costume were everywhere I looked, and it only seemed to add to the feeling that we were in attendance at one of Gatsby’s own parties.

Maybe Gatsby was so 2013, but The McKittrick Hotel and its fabulous parties is in no danger of losing relevance or lure anytime soon. Welcome to 2014 , in style.

Photo credit to Jenny Anderson

Photo credit to Jenny Anderson

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