Javier Gomez: New YorkPhotographer takes the Art Out of the Frame this week for New York Fashion Week


This week, noted New York based photographer Javier Gomez is taking the art out of the frame. On Sunday, Feb. 9at Mercedes New York Fashion Week, internationally renowned Brazilian designer Alessandra Meskita will be using Javier’s work as a major inspiration for her collection as the major part of her show at Lincoln Center.

 “Alessandra and I have been trying to collaborate for a while,” says Javier Gomez. “She loves my abstract work and I love her designs so it was an exciting creative project since we both love art and fashion.”

For her upcoming show, the fashion designer is using five of Javier’s abstract photos which were printed in the fabric to apply and actually use on several of the dresses, jackets and scarves to be featured in the collection on the runway.

In addition to Meskita’s upcoming show at Fashion Week, Javier is also currently at work on curating a major art exhibition in conjunction with Kane Swener and Legends 10 who owns Intellectual property rights to world soccer legend Pelé, which will debut following the upcoming World Cup this summer in Brazil.

“It is the most ambitious global art project I have ever worked on and a very exciting challenge,” he says. “The exhibition will highlight and feature world renowned artists such as Vik Muniz (Brazil), Lorenzo Quinn (London) among others that will create art inspired by Pelé. The exhibition will travel to different countries ending in Brazil to be shown to thousands of people following the World Cup.” Legends 10 is partnering on the new exhibition for Pelé with the Halcyon Gallery in London.

The photographer is also currently working on an upcoming exhibition in Monaco this March with more exhibitions upcoming in Paris and Panama.

Javier is an artist who combines art, fashion, design and photography in his work. He has become an influencer in the art, fashion and design worlds.

Last year, Javier was featured in a major national television story on NY1 News television in connection with New York’s Fashion Week.

Award winning NY1 News Anchor and fashion doyenne Cheryl Wills observed that: “Javier is a darling of the fashion industry and fashion designers keep an eye on his work when they need inspiration.”

This past year, Javier has had major photography exhibitions of his work in New York, Seville, Madrid and two consecutive exhibitions in Paris. Following his first exhibition in Japan last year, Cassina announced a deal with Javier Gomez to sell his work.

Javier’s work progression has taken him from model to photographer and now back to fashion collaborating with designers. The photographer came to New York City several years ago from Panama. Following a career as a model, he decided to be on the other side of the camera and interned with renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein. Javier’s brilliant visual eye and talent as a photographer was immediately evident. He subsequently gave up a burgeoning career as a fashion photographer to focus instead on fine art photography. He is now one of the world’s most highly regarded young artists. Two years ago, People Magazinereferred to him as “acclaimed photographer Javier Gomez” and NetworkGlobalNews.TV called him “one of the most brilliant photographers of our time.”

“I discovered and developed my passion for photography at an early age,” Javier observes“I am a deeply spiritual person, trying to provoke emotions and touching people’s souls through my work.”

The artist has had several exhibitions in New York City at different venues including the Jacob Javits Center, Inventory and Bogardus Mansion; in Paris at La Maison des Etats-Unis; in Tokyo at Cassina; in Seville and Madrid at Casa de Las Americas; in Beirut and in Florida at the Interlachen Gallery in Winter Park and at the Marianne Nems Gallery as part of Art Basil in Miami.

Javier Gomez has published two books, Dimensions and Visual Vibrations, which have been well received throughout the photography and art world from New York to Japan. His work has also found a major following with many prominent art collectors In New York and worldwide including former U.S. President Bill Clinton, Colin Cowie, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former President of Panama, Martin Torrijos and Vivian Torrijos, former first Lady of Panama and Ricardo Martinelli, the current President of Panama.

“I have my own vision of the world when I look behind the lens of my camera,” he adds. “Blurring the lines between nature and abstract, I’m able to go through the gamut of color, volume and texture creating images that are otherworldly. My proclivity towards this process is the key to understanding why people often remark that my photography is so hypnotic and pleasant. I focus in translating organic objects and architectural details into bold, color-centric abstract works.”

The artist is deeply influenced and inspired by the principles of sacred geometry. “I strive to create images that access our subconscious understanding of ratio and geometric forms, thereby enhancing our connection with the natural world. My work aims to connect people to one another and to themselves by bringing a sense of internal peace through my art. My soul and spirit, along with his connection to a higher spirituality can be felt in the images I capture and the energy they evoke.”

The photographer has documented his life experiences around the globe from Panama, Paris, Tokyo to New York, Seville and Madrid through my work.  “I love to think about life, art and the world, their interconnections and how these all fit together into our life journeys and the universe.

A rising star, Javier has been featured in Harpers Bazaar (Japan), The Huffington Post, New York Daily News, Good Day New York, The Rachael Ray Show, MyLifestyle Magazine, Examiner.com, Fashion & Life Magazine, Miami Magazine, Ocean Drive, Photographie.com, other national and international media. Creator Magazine, the London based fashion, art and lifestyle publication, also produced an in-depth cover story on his life and work.

He donates and supports several non-profit organizations like United Cerebral Palsy of New York City (UCP of NYC) who help people with disabilities and Strengthen Our Sisters helping homeless and battered women, Ackerman Institute for the Family, Icazu and the American Parkinson Disease Association. 

To learn more about Javier Gomez and his photography visit here 


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