Fashion: How To Tell What Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Like

By Savannah Coulsen

If you’re like most men, you probably ask your girlfriend what she wants you to wear before a big events in the hopes of stopping a fight before it happens. You already know the drill and what happens next. She tells you that she doesn’t care, but you know that she thinks about fashion several times a day.

The next time that you need to decide what to wear and how to make her happy, rely on a few simple tips.

Fashion How To Tell What Your Girlfriend Doesn't Like

Watch Her Face

One look at your girlfriend’s face will tell you everything you need to know about how she feels. Women typically aren’t good at hiding their thoughts and feelings, and you can look for signs that she likes what you’re wearing. If her nose or forehead wrinkles slightly, she purses her lips or she looks away before responding, the odds are good that she isn’t happy. People often look to one side when trying to figure out what to say next or to give themselves a break before issuing a response. If she looks at you directly or smiles, she likes your look. Some women will also raise their eyebrows slightly, which indicates surprise and delight.

See What She Notices

The next time that you see her flipping through the pages of a magazine or a catalog, pay attention to what she notices. She might drop a few hints that you never pick up on. This can include pointing out the great jacket that her favorite actor wore on the red carpet or telling you that you might look good with a haircut like a specific model has. She might even tell you that you would look good in a certain color or outfit that she sees.

Offer Suggestions

If you really want to know how your girlfriend feels about your fashion, offer suggestions. Show her a new outfit that interests you, a haircut that you found in a magazine or even a new trim style you want to try for your beard. You can find shaving tips for men in magazines, catalogs, at websites like The Art of Shaving and even in the looks that your friends use. Simply ask her how she thinks you would look if you used that style. Her response will let you know if she hates the look or can’t wait to see you try it out.

A happy girlfriend will lead to a happy life. Stop worrying about what you need to wear, how to share or which hairstyle works best for you. Check out her response to different suggestions, pay attention to what she notices and focus on how she looks when you try out something new.

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