TV Is My Boyfriend

I’m in love for the second time. But this one just feels right. This time, TV is my boyfriend. I can’t even explain it, there’s just something about TV that I’m so drawn to! And I told myself I would never open my heart up again, but here I am. I just can’t get enough.


First of all, TV has never disappointed me, and that’s really important. I’ve been through so many let-downs in my past relationships, and it finally feels so good to know that when I get home, TV will be there and TV knows exactly what I need. When I cuddle up on the couch with TV, it’s more than hanging out, it’s an experience!

And I know TV feels the same way. TV just gives and gives and gives and asks for nothing in return but my time. It’ amazing, TV has all the qualities I look for in a life partner:

1. Super hot body parts
2. A sense of humor
3. 100% Openness
4. Spontaneity, TV is like so random it’s so adorable!
5. Closeness (literally, like I’m not taking a train to Queens to be with you)
6. Dependability

So things are going really great…except, to be super honest, I have some trust issues. I really hope TV’s not seeing other people…or other people aren’t seeing TV.

But, the sex? …AMAZING!


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