Pole Dancing + Comedy = Schtick A Pole In It

My name is Jasmine and I’m a pole dancer. I know what you’re thinking: I always knew she’d end up stripping. That’s not what I said. Pole dancing is a wildly popular form of dance, sport, and exercise that is still highly stigmatized. But we’re not strippers, we keep on our clothes…


(not a ton of clothes, but clothes enough).

Since my two greatest interests are Comedy and Pole Dancing, you can imagine my surprise when I ran into a flyer for SCHTICK A POLE IN IT: A Night of Comedy and Pole Dancing. Co-founded by roommates and lovers JoAnna Ross and Dan Goodman, this show contains equal parts pole routines, comedic sets, and awesomeness. Originally a charity event organized to raise funds for Joanna’s friend’s cancer treatment, this show has grown into a wildly popular monthly event.


Sorry, did I mention they give out free tequila shots to start the show?

Now before we move on, I know all my straight guys and gay ladies are wagging their tongues, ready to go see the next show (THIS SATURDAY, MARCH 22, 8PM at R Bar) but what about us gentleman-loving folks? Don’t worry, you’ll be drooling too. Get ready to go from, “I’m not sure I want to watch women dance like that” to “THAT WOMAN IS MY QUEEN!” These pole dancers are not just sexy, but spectacularly talented and the only people I’ve ever seen that can humble comics. Once you watch a well-done pole routine, you’ll never again think of this as a demeaning little easy exercise, but as a remarkably challenging sport. Really, come watch my teachers hang up side down by one knee and see how you feel.

On top of all of that, the comedy is excellent. Run by two comedy veterans, this show is littered with special guests that write and perform on television and all over the city.

You’ll laugh (at the comics), you’ll cry (because that move looks like it hurts), you’ll beg for more.

Check out Schtick a Pole In It every fourth Saturday of the month at R Bar! They don’t even need a recommendation, every show I’ve been to has been sold out. And this month’s music theme is “Only The Hits.” You already missed the “Jackson&Prince” show, don’t make the same mistake again!


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