NYC what is your Grade?


It’s kind as if your writer was missing in action for a brief moment in time -but seriously don’t let that small amount of time off fool you. As a defense this never-ending damn Polar Vortex perhaps has played a major part in supplying an infinite amount of brain freeze -literally.

 However, that’s not the real article – so let’s get on it.

 Imagine the surprise while casually strolling the concrete jungle streets of Manhattan, hunger strikes. The next best thing to do naturally is to hunt down a food establishment resembling your favorite type of grub and give it a piece of your mind.

 Suddenly, the five- alarm bell internally fires in your brain as soon as you reach for the door. Feel free to insert other four letter cuss bombs as you wish.

 “I didn’t know this place had a B- or even worse a C rating. I’ve been coming here for months – when did this bloody mess start? Am I that hungry? Should I look around for another place with an “A” rating? Or am I feeling lucky like Clint Eastwood to settle for a “C?”

 Fortunately, the answers were delivered through divine intervention – aka the web on my smartphone. Basically, the New York City Health Department started this whole thing to ensure the safety of you- the consumer – and yes I’m digging it.

 In case your curiosity gets the better of you check out the grading system according to the EHA. It’s kind of a bummer to have this knowledge, however, just remember your health always comes first – and besides Summer is coming. Would you rather be at the beach all day or in a hospital – ugh!

 By: @Lauraslifeonink

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