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New York Social Status covers everything NYC: From Restaurant/Bar Reviews to Music Events, NYC Artists, Art Events, Sporting Events, etc. With a team of talented writers New York Social Status includes the latest and most relevant information on city events, entertainment, food,and strong recommendations for over 100,000 visitors per year.

Meet the Team

Editor-In-Chief -aka “Boss Lady”

Ashley Massis, Founder, Publisher, Editor In Chief

Ashley Massis, Founder, Publisher, Editor In Chief

Ashley Massis is a New York native. Living in NYC for over three years, she has discovered the “Ins” and “Outs” of New York Social life and Culture. Upon arriving in New York, she worked multiple jobs as a club promoter, freelance writer, bartender, unpaid intern, stylist, and Store Manager, before finally working as a Buyer in the Fashion Industry and Editor. With over 7 years of fashion, writing, and marketing experience, she has discovered her love of writing and passion to explore the “City that Never Sleeps”.  After spending her entire life in New York, she has expanded her realm and NY Social Status to Charlotte, NC, where she is currently working on building a sister website for NY Social Status. She finds anyone that does not champagne or cupcakes suspicious. If you have a restaurant/bar, Art, Charity, or Culture event that you want to have reviewed/covered, please e-mail her at ashley.massis@nysocialstatus.com

Music Writer “Miss Banana”

Music Editor-Shanna Gibbs

Music Editor-Shanna Gibbs

Shanna Gibbs is an aspiring writer who moved from a small town in Texas to New York City. Like the typical small town transplant, she no job and no friends in the area. She recognizes these setbacks were minuscule in comparison to the passion for the city and pursuit of creativity that has always burned inside her. Now, here in New York City, she is making her dreams come true. As a reader, you get to be a part of this.

Comedy/Pop Culture Writer-Ryan Houssein

Ryan Houssein, Comedian/Hater of Most Things

Ryan has been doing stand up all around NYC and New Jersey for 4 years. He was a semi-finalist in the New Guns of Comedy Competition. One day he hopes to  day write for TV and movies. He hates most things. For comedy events/pop culture topics, please e-mail Ryan at ryanh0817@aol.com

The Music PR Guru-Ms. Kate Elizabeth

Ms. Kate Elizabeth

Ms. Kate Elizabeth

Kate is a small town girl, living in a lonely world, who never really liked Journey very much. Originally from upstate NY, Kate moved to the Metropolitan area at 18, taking the city for all it’s worth while attending Seton Hall University and turning part metalhead while working at WSOU. Now a New Yorker for over 4 years, she currently splits her time between the Big Apple and working as the Venue Manager of Architekt Music in Butler, NJ. Music is her heartbeat, but Kate also has a passion for stand up and improv comedy, cause related organizations, sports, and an inexplicable passion for boats, horoscopes, and the WWE.

Comedian and Writer-Jasmine Pierce

Jasmine Pierce

Jasmine Pierce

Jasmine Pierce is a New York City-based comedian, writer, and actress. She performs stand-up regularly at venues all around the city, including Carolines on Broadway, Gotham Comedy Club, The Stand Comedy Club, and many more! Jasmine also writes, produces, and acts in sketch comedy, often with her comedy troupe, The Roaring Twenties. She thoroughly enjoys watching strangers fight.

Theater/Music/Food Reviewer-Laura Artis

Laura Artis

The “Fearless” Critic-Laura Artis

The writer is in a monogamous relationship with living life to the fullest; a subscriber to adventure while seeking stimuli that ignites all senses and stalking the world without a map in search of fulfillment. For theater, music, and restaurant reviews, please contact Laura at laura_artis@yahoo.com

Guest Writer-Spandana Singh


Spandana Singh, or Spandi is an aspiring journalist. She has so far lived in five countries in four continents, and before she is 30 wants to have lived in every habitable continent in the world. In university, she hopes to pursue a double major in international development and media. She loves to travel, eat, shop and of course write.

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  1. Looks like a great selection of writers! I’m looking forward to learning more about charity events in the New York City area from Lauren Macon.

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