Advice in the AM

Grab your cup of coffee, and get ready for hard truth on City Dating, Relationship Advice, and What Not to Do in the AM with our own AM.

Episode 27 Peter Pan Syndrome

Episode 26 Vive La Vie Boheme

Episode 25 Valentine’s Day aka National Single’s Awareness Day

Episode 24 TMI Facebookers

Episode 23 …Sex Robots?

Episode 22The Winter Buddy

Episode 21 We’re All Prostitutes

Episode 20 A Letter from Ashley Re: Hurricane Sandy

Episode 19 Like Kissing A Corpse!

Episode 18 The Debate Recap and Binders Full of Women

Episode 17 Drunken Mistakes and Ex Sex

September 27, 2012 Addressing the Two Headed Beast (Guest Post by Shanna Gibbs)

Episode 16 The Faux FWB
Episode 15
 3 Signs of a Failing Relationship

Episode 14 Bartenders

Episode 13 Dating Technology

Episode 12 The Backburner Buddy

Social Media for Dummies (The Ex Issue: VI) (Guest Post by Shanna Gibbs)

Episode 11 The First Date Kiss

Episode 10 Why Buy the Cow?

Episode 9 An Unsuccessful Pickup Artist

Episode 8 When Did Life Start Being Scary?

Episode 7 FWB,Non Exclusives, Bros, and the Bras

Episode 6 Guys and Gals Gone Crazy

Episode 5 The Blame Game and Crazies

Episode 4 A Player’s Favorite Word: “Babe” 

Episode 3 Deciphering the Language Barriers Between Mars and Venus

Episode 2 Why Women Love Bad Boys

Episode 1 Tequila Shots and Drunk Text Woes

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